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The mandate of National Tree Seed Center is to supply, promote and conserve genetically suitable tree seed and other reproductive materials of good physiological quality to meet present and future needs for tree planting activities in Uganda. Our guiding principle on seed quality is clear: “Quality seed pays; do not plant your fields with mingled seeds”.

The following strategies have been developed to fulfil this mandate.

Seed Procurement and Distribution

High quality seeds are collected, processed, tested, packaged, stored, and distributed to a wide range of stakeholders throughout the country. These include central government institutions (including National Forestry Authority itself), local governments, non-government organisations (NGO’s and CBO’S), private commercial tree farmers, and individual subsistence farmers. Over 70 different species are currently collected and distributed, categorised into timber, agroforestry, fruits, and other uses.

With well trained and experienced staff, NTSC maintains close supervision of seed collection and rigorous seed tests to ensure supply of high quality seeds. Under collaborative arrangement, private seed suppliers including local communities have been encouraged to maintain their agroforestry-based seed sources to supply them to NTSC. They are trained in basic seed source establishment and maintenance and seed handling techniques. A number of tree farmers or seed collectors are currently benefiting from this arrangement, and enjoying the economic pay-off without cutting the trees.

Because of increasing demand, some of the species, particularly for timber (Pine, teak and Eucalyptus) are imported from proven seed sources. Tree seed centres which have been supplying seed include Forestry Plantations, Queensland Australia, Schuckar & CIA Ltda, Brazil, Mondi Business Paper, South Africa, and Komatiland Forests Research, South Africa.

Use the following contact details to reach us

Namanve, 12 Km Kampala – Jinja Highway, Kampala, Uganda
P. O. Box 70863, Kampala; Tel: 256 414 286049; Fax: 256 414 285326


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