BioMass Monitoring

National Forestry is honoured to present this Biomass Technical Report which gives information on the land cover and biomass status of Uganda. We are indebted to the Norwegian government through NORAD for providing technical and financial assistance towards biomass monitoring inventories and land cover mapping exercises that have taken place in Uganda. In the absence of this assistance, the land cover maps and biomass inventories could not have been produced.

The mapping inventory exercises enjoyed immense institutional support from NFA in terms of management and equipment. The Institution provided logistics for travelling throughout the country collecting data and ground truthing. It also provided precision equipments for data collection as well as high capacity computers and software for data processing and analysis. Appreciation goes to the NFA Information Technology (IT) team for doing their best to reserve adequate IT resources for the highly demanding GIS operations.

Greatest tribute however, goes to the technical staff of the GIS Lab as well as Inventory and Surveys for the work they did to make this report a reality. The inventory team traversed the country collecting biomass data from sample plots. We thank all those people on whose land our sample plots lie and for allowing us to measure the uninterrupted. The GIS team interpreted and classified satellite imagery and went ahead to ground truth them. They edited and produced the second land cover map of Uganda.

Biomass Study Reports

1) This report takes great effort to discuss the procedures involved in data capture, processing, analysis and presentation of facts on land cover and biomass within and outside CFR. While a land cover map was an output in itself, it was also an input in computation of national woody biomass.
Business Technical Report (Click to Download)
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