Land Management

Land Management for Central Forest Reserves...

1) NFA Tree Planting Act.

tree planting - nfaThe National Forestry and Tree Planting Act 2003, Section 41 subsection (1) states that a responsible body may, subject to the management plan, grant a licence to an interested person for the sustainable utilisation and management of the forest reserve or community forest.


For Details - Download ( nfa pdf Land Allocations Guidelines Central Forest Reserves )

2)Management of Natural Forests

Forest cover stands at about 4.9 million hectares (ha), which is 24% of Uganda’s land area. The forests comprise both natural and man-made plantations. “Natural forests” include both the tropical high forests (THF) and other naturally wooded land that falls within the definition of “forest”. THFs cover 924,000 ha (just under 5% of Uganda’s land area) while other wooded lands cover 3,974,102 (19%).