USAID Uganda, in partnership with the United States Forest Service International Programs (USFS-IP), supports a program of technical cooperation between the USFS-IP and the National Forestry Authority during 2018 and 2019. This project is designed to strengthen NFA’s management of the Central Forest Reserves (CFRs), and comprises four areas of support:

  1. Opening the boundaries of Central Forest Reserves – the support currently includes funding for the-reopening Aringa, Agoro-Agu, Budongo, Echuya, Itwara, Kalinzu, Kasyoha-Kitoomi, Lalak, Lamwo and Lokung CFRs. Boundary opening is critically important for securing and conserving CRFs.

  2. Carrying out a National review of Collaborative Forest Management in Uganda – in recognition of the important role that forest adjacent communities have to play in conserving and safeguarding Uganda’s natural forests and biodiversity.

  3. Supporting a mid-term review of NFA’s Strategy and improving its business planning – as a way forward for helping strengthen NFA’s performance and its management of CFRs.

  4. Developing a new custom-designed and developed Forest Management Information System - as a means for enabling NFA to better plan and manage its forest management operations particularly in natural forests as well as helping to improve revenue collection for investing in improved forest management.

The project is currently due to end in mid 2019, with further on-going technical and financial cooperation with the NFA under development.